Winter blues, save yourself!

October 2, 2017
Say goodbye to the cold

We’ve officially entered the ‘ber’ months, and that means one thing, cold frosty days and night. There’s no doubt about it, when the Autumn and Winter season kicks in, many people find themselves suffering from the winter blues. Icy mornings and dark afternoons are enough to make you feel depressed, especially when you top it off with the cold heavy winds and occasional snow. So what’s the best way to save yourself from this rather dull and depressing part of the year? At Luxury Halal Travel we’ve got all the sunny destinations you need to take your mind off the cold. Why not escape to one of our halal friendly hotels and enjoy the sun and beach? A week or two in paradise is enough to give you the positive energy you need to survive the winter blues.

While the end of the year is only 3 months away, there’s still enough time to book a holiday. Though many believe travelling during this part of the year is expensive, and while it can be, there are various options and holiday packages available to help you save and still get the most out of your holiday. If you haven’t already had your annual holiday, why don’t you start planning it now? Treat yourself this year to the getaway you and your family deserve, and we’ll help you time it just right so you can escape from the cold wintry weather.

Many Muslim families and travellers enjoy travelling during the final quarter of the year, simply because there are still many destinations offering sunny weather and relaxing days at the beach. If you’re looking for the perfect escape, then you’ve come to the right place. Luxury Halal Travel has a range of halal destinations and luxury getaways perfect for Muslim travellers of all ages. Whether you’re looking to bring the whole family, or enjoy a romantic getaway for two, our selection of countries and hotels will definitely provide you with the relaxation and stress-free environment you need.

Mostly featuring the UAE and Asia, our destinations offer guests a touch of summer during the bitter months. From luxurious hidden hideouts to city escapes, we’ve got the perfect selection of holidays for you, your family and friends. If you’re looking for a beach getaway then we suggest checking out the MaldivesMauritius and the Seychelles. All three countries offer a tropical getaway with tons of underwater fun and luxurious accommodation. For city lovers, Singapore and Malaysia are probably our top picks. Despite getting the chance to relax in utter luxury in your private villa, you’ll also get to experience the countries city life that overflows with colour and culture. All our holidays can be tailored to meet your wants and wishes, so never feel discouraged if our recommended holiday plan doesn’t completely meet your holiday needs.

If you’re looking for the complete halal holiday deal, then a trip to Oman and the Emirates or Abu Dhabi is probably more up your street. With stunning architecture and Islamic history surrounding you, a trip to one of our selected destinations within the UAE is perfect for families and groups of friends looking to escape the winter blues together. While it’s a known fact that Asian countries and the UAE have better weather compared to Europe, there is always the chance of cloudy days and rain in your host country. However, simply being abroad and away from the cold is enough to give you the positive vibes you and your companions seek.

Make the most of your time away by going exploring and discovering what your destination has to offer. Get involved in local activities and try out the different cuisines. Whatever it is you plan on doing, one thing you know for sure, it will be much more pleasant and exciting than being tucked up back home in a duvet and 3 layers of clothes! Luxury Halal Travel aims to provide all our clients with the holiday of their dreams, even if it’s a last minute booking. We know you deserve time away where you can let loose and forget about the everyday stresses life can bring, and we make it our top priority to ensure all your wants and needs are met.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to escape the winter blues? If you are, then give us a call and let us know where you want to go and what you want to do. We’ll provide you with suggested itineraries but will also give you the opportunity to make your holiday as fun and adventurous or as relaxed and laid back as you want it to be. Grab the opportunity and let’s start planning before the cold bitter winds kick in. Let Luxury Halal Travel save you from the winter blues.

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