Why the travel bug is one you’ll want to catch

April 5, 2019

Pushing boundaries and breaking out of your comfort zone is what travel is all about. It can be scary, but once you do the realm of opportunity you unleash is endless and invigorating. To all those who already have the travel bug reading this with no need to be convinced, this is for that friend (that we all have) who can’t understand what all the fuss is about.


There are many effects of travelling on your identity; it strips back your personality to its purest form in its process. Among new environments and the absence of friends and families’ expectations in your sphere, you will quickly realise parts of your personality have lay dormant, until now! This is the ideal opportunity to re-evaluate your passions, purpose, and personality as your psyche has no choice but to face facts. When on your trip away from everything you know you will be forced to focus on yourself and what you want. Travel is essentially a period of absolute freedom especially for solo travellers. With your daily structure redundant there is nothing that’s ruled out. Self-exploration of this nature is often surprising. One key outcome of the time I spent travelling in Europe was reconnecting with some of the previously neglected passions such as writing and artistry.


Travelling opens you up to all kinds of people; new people! Connect with others experiencing the same as you: explore foreign lands all the while chatting to locals who will enhance your trip with knowledge and a guiding hand. Frequent travellers are reported to favour connections made on their trips due to their honest foundation and shared experiences; because when you’re living solely out of a bag and moving through unfamiliar surroundings, you are at your most vulnerable and most authentic self. No time to hide behind makeup or escape into a video game. In this state, you can genuinely connect and ultimately create meaningful friendships as people can get to know the real you.


A great deal can be learned by experiencing other cultures; there is often a lot more to destinations than their stereotypes. In Paris, you can find numerous charming parks less discovered due to most flocking to popular sights. Here I found an appreciation for the outdoors and the nature around me which I had ignored and taken for granted before. With alternative resources available depending on where you travel in the world, there a range of exciting activities to try, if not learn. From snorkelling along France’s scenic coastlines allured by the surreal underwater scene or pedalling through the chaotic streets of Amsterdam consumed into the hustle of the city.

What could be more fitting than to learn a foreign language when surrounded by it? You are then encouraged to put it into practice. This opportunity doubles as an etiquette tip also: when visiting a country at least try to attempt the local language rather than instantly resorting to your own.


Breaking away from your routine is exciting, this will be a powerful feeling as you take control of how the day to day unfolds. Mundane Mondays will be something of the past with nothing you have to do but much that you could do and it’s up to you!  Many follow a routine because who doesn’t? There’s something quite rebellious and exciting about breaking away from socially constructed concepts such as a 9-5  job, settling down and all the ideas on daily life. Travelling allows you to have a contrasting frame of reference, to know how you really feel and learn if an alternative lifestyle that may be more suited to you personally.

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