Use these 5 tips to utilise your flight time!

May 31, 2019

Your flight gifts you with a block of time with no allocated plans or responsibilities; time you should utilise. Even on a short haul flight many of us waste the time we are given. We are often packing up until the minute we leave and have multiple excursions and trips books waiting for us when we arrive at our destination. Follow these clever tips to make the most of your flight and switch into work or leisure mode no matter the nature of your trip.

Eat and Drink

Easy jet as a good example has a broad inflight menu which includes everything from hot to cold food.With vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free option as well as the  basics of halal covered. With multiple hot and cold drinks and deals to indulge in; take the time to eat at 30,00 feet!


Among many other providers, you can download episodes and even full-length films on to your phone or tablet to be watched offline. This is an ideal way to relax before your trip and spend time doing something you enjoy as this is what traveling is all about!


Many games you can now buy in fun travel sizes from connect four to Monopoly, these are great ways to pass time and have a laugh with friends and family or whoever you are traveling with. When entertaining your children on a flight these minuture games come in handy and another brilliant way to keep your brain sharp and in gear while you travel.


For those of you travelling for work this is the ideal time to catch up on presentations, documents and so on. Many apps including google docs allow you to save your documents offline and edit them offline also, this makes the need for flight mode a longer an issue. Utilise this time to get organised maybe even just take time to organise your work calendar or get up to date and draft email responses. Your flight no matter how long can be a useful chance to be efficient and catch up at work.


Kick back, why not get into holiday mode? Relax by listening to music most of which can be downloaded and listened to offline. Sleep and catch up on your missed hours preparing for your trip also a way to beat jet lag too, for those of you taking those long haul flights! Mediate; this is a good way to mentally prepare for the change of scenery and pace your trip may bring; clear your mind with the art of meditating focusing on your thinking and making space for new experiences you will find in this exciting trip. Apps such as mindfulness are widely used to practice these ideas, with short audio instructions with also calming sounds you will find the introduction to this new mindful skill effortless.

Use these tips to make the very most of every moment on your trip even the flight!

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