Ramadan around the world

April 17, 2018
Enjoying Ramadan internationally.

With the beginning of Ramadan just around the corner, some may opt to travel and experience Ramadan in other countries. Being a special celebration for millions of Muslims around the globe, it can also be a great way to explore and discover how Ramadan is celebrated in different parts of the world. Whether you’re looking to spend a few days away in a place that’s a little more closer to home, or are planning to go all out and travel as far away as possible, we’ve got 5 beautiful locations that are perfect to travel to during Ramadan.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Probably one of the most obvious destinations, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, or the UAE itself as a whole is the perfect holiday getaway for Muslim travellers looking to celebrate Ramadan with their fellow brothers and sisters. Being a popular tourist destination all year, one can imagine Dubai is always full of exciting tourist attractions and activities to take part in, however, during the month of Ramadan, Dubai is even more enchanting. In addition to the normal amenities Dubai has to offer all year round, visitors will also get the chance to participate in various events that are organized by the local government. Most of the events are aimed and educating and reminding the public of the true meaning and importance of the Holy time. There are also plenty of hotels that prepare special evening meals including a variety of cuisines reflecting Arabic culture. If Dubai or the UAE is on your list, we can assure you there will be plenty of activities and events in connection with Ramadan to take part in, making it a fun and educational trip for Muslim families travelling with their little ones.

Istanbul, Turkey

If you’re looking for a holiday closer to home, then Istanbul in Turkey is another holiday destination that can be great to visit during Ramadan. The ancient city of Istanbul was once the capital of Islamic culture during the Ottoman Empire and until today stays true to its roots through its festive celebrations of Ramadan. The local government also takes part in contributing to the Holy month by constructing Iftar tents for both fasters and non-fasters to come together to celebrate at night. Being held in public spaces full of spiritual celebrations and public readings of the Quran,  those visiting will enjoy roaming around the busy streets at night where they can also enjoy taking part in the markets open stalls where vendors sell traditional snacks, religious books, and ornaments. There also plenty of street performers including puppet shows and traditional folk dances. Apart from the evening activities, Istanbul’s famous Blue Mosque is also the perfect place to visit during your stay where you can learn and experience the Muslim faith.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Foodies will love travelling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during Ramadan as they specifically focus on their special food markets and bazaars that sell a wide variety of traditional snacks, delicacies, and desserts which are available throughout the day and evening. This allows both Muslims and non-muslim guests the chance to enjoy the delicious snacks that aren’t always available at different times of the year. There are also plenty of celebrations throughout the day and night including special performances of traditional dances. Mosques are always busy and a great place to visit to see what the Holy month is really all about. Both Muslim and non-muslim guests are welcomed in Malaysia during Ramadan, and it’s not uncommon for tourists to be invited to celebrate with the locals and their families.

Fes, Morocco

Another holiday getaway closer to home, and the perfect spot to enjoy Ramadan is Morocco’s Fes. The Old Medina in Fes is a popular hub for Muslim culture and a great place to spend the day wandering around and exploring. Guests to Fes will enjoy walking around the medieval walled city where they can embrace the history and culture while at the same time experience the bustling modern day life of the city life. One will also find plenty of family-filled funfairs in public squares and music and light shows are not uncommon. Fes follows in Dubai’s footsteps when it comes to the breaking of the fast as cannons are fired to signal the beginning and end of the fast. A truly remarkable experience worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime, celebrating Ramadan abroad can really be an eye-opening experience where one can witness first hand what it’s like to see hundreds if not thousands of Muslims come together to celebrate the Holy month.

The Maldives

The Maldives may not be an obvious choice, but if you’re looking to really relax, unwind, and reflect, then the Maldives is the perfect place to enjoy Ramadan while also getting to enjoy fun under the sun. With Islam being the state religion of the Maldives, you can imagine the larger population of the Maldives are Muslims. With Ramadan taking place during the monsoon season, guests will experience frequent rainfall, cloudy and warm days with cooler nights, this weather can be preferable for those looking to enjoy Ramadan in a cooler environment while still getting to enjoy the tropical vibe. Plenty of hotels and restaurants take part in Ramadan and Muslim tourists will have the chance to enjoy and try out special Ramadan food and meals that are served daily. Apart from enjoying the special delicacies, various cultural events and entertainment take place during Ramadan making it an ideal time to visit and reflect on the history and culture of Islam.


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