Travel apps to look out for this 2017

December 14, 2016

Apps have become a well-known part of everyone’s everyday lives. Whether you’re among the younger generation or the older generation, apps have come in handy for a whole range of things. When it comes to travelling, there are so many travel apps that can be of service to you. From the nearest restaurants, to the different time zones, to the latest current events happening where you are, apps are a great way of keeping up to date with what’s going on, what to do, where to go no matter where you are in the world.

At Luxury Halal Travel we want all our customers to feel safe and secure when they’re abroad. With the help of certain apps our clients can easily achieve this with a simple touch or swipe of their tablet or mobile phone. Apps are great ways to keep you on track, keep you organized, and help you out throughout your holiday. Being in a completely new destination can be intimidating for some, making it important that you feel confident while you’re out and about.

We’ve listed below some of the best travel apps for the upcoming year which we believe every traveler should consider having on one of their gadgets. If you’re planning on travelling, or if you’ve already booked your New Year’s holiday, check out the apps below and start downloading those that you know will be of good use.

Kindle – dreading a long-haul flight? Perhaps you’re a book worm that can’t live without a good book? Enjoy unlimited reads while on your flight or abroad with Kindle, the perfect place to store all your favorite e-books. Kindle allows you access to a whole range of fictional and non-fiction books and stories which will keep you entertained when you’re looking to simply relax.

SAS Survival Guide –  if you’re going on the ultimate camping trip, or perhaps a day or two in the wilderness then the SAS Survival Guide is perfect for you. Learn Morse code, how to start a fire, and all the information you need if you’re venturing anywhere remotely off the beaten path. This app was written by a former SAS soldier and instructor who has included hundreds of survival skills which can be put to good use both at home and while away.

Flight Aware – Flight Aware if the perfect app for those travelling with multiple airlines or are frequently jumping on a plane. This app allows you to track any flight in real-time, receive alerts and inform you of delays. Say goodbye to having to download each airlines or airports app as Flight Aware can do all their jobs for you.

LoungeBuddy – if you’ve got hours to kill at an airport while waiting for your next flight, finding the nearest lounge with quiet peaceful rooms, and showers and privacy is going to be on the top of you ‘to do’ list. LoungeBuddy is a great app that provides instant access to 170 lounges throughout the world with a pay-by-use basis. Simply open the app, find the lounge nearest to you within your layover airport and make a booking.

Google Translate – never let language barriers ruin your holiday. Google translate is the perfect gift for those travelling to foreign countries where English isn’t widely used. With offline and real-time translation, simply point your camera at the text you need translated and wait for Google Translate to work its magic.

XE – keep up to date with all the different currencies around the world with XE’s real time exchange rate converter. Never have to worry about going over budget again as XE provides accurate conversions for all the currencies.

AroundME – never miss out on the latest happenings or never get confused or lost with AroundMe. This app allows you to find the nearest bank, hospital, cinema, hotel, gas station, restaurants, supermarkets etc. with the use of GPRS.

Wiffnity – everyone needs Wi-Fi in their life, especially for those that are constantly on the go. Wiffnity is a great app that points you to the nearest Wi-Fi zone, perfect for those that need to check an email or keep up to date with their work and social life.

Yuggler – perfect for parents travelling with their children, Yuggler is the ultimate app to keep your kids entertained. Pointing you towards the nearest kid friendly things to do, parents can check to see whether Yugglers suggested destination is suitable for their children’s age with the use of detailed descriptions and clear colourful pictures. A search filter comes in handy for those looking for specific activities as Yuggler will quickly come up with the nearest destination for you.

First Aid – an app that you hope you’ll never have to use, yet handy to have in case of emergencies, First Aid is the perfect reference for any emergency as it helps guide you through the most unwanted situations.

MAPS.ME – need to know where you are but don’t have data? Fear not as MAPS.ME is an offline map that will guide you through each step of the way. Prior to your outing make sure you download the map of your destination and enjoy offline services while you’re away.

WeatherPro – keep up to date with the weather wherever you go with WeatherPro, a trusted app that has proven to be accurate. Enjoy detailed ski weather and beach weather with detailed UV Index and water temperatures.

Flush; Toilet Finder – wondering around a new city and suddenly need the toilet? It wouldn’t be that bad if only you knew where the nearest one was! With Flush you can forget about the panic when you urgently needing to go. As soon as you turn on your GPS Flush will then point you towards the nearest public bathroom.

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