The travel apps you need in 2016

January 12, 2016

Flying to different countries and holiday destinations can be fun and exciting, however there’s always rooms for certain mishaps. Though you may think you’ve come prepared for your perfect holiday getaway, having some of the best travel apps downloaded on your device may save you from those ‘holiday bloopers’ and the hassle. Take a look at some of the top travel apps people from all around the globe have voted on, and believe are among the best!


This app allows you to follow the path of thousands of international flights. If you’re waiting for a loved one to arrive, or need some extra information on a certain flight, this app allows you to gather as much detailed information as you’ll need. From departure gates, to delays, and possible but hopefully not, cancellations, ‘FlightTrack’ will have you updated whenever and wherever you are.

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android

XE Currency

Travelling around the world and to new destinations means having to get the different currencies involved. If you’re not a math lover, and need an accurate and updated curency conversion, then this app is for you! Available for free, ‘XE Currency’ provides you with an easy to use and completely accurate converter as the currency rates are live. The actual app has been downloaded more than five million times to date, proving that many travellers have entrusted their currency conversions with this great app.

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android for free


Whether you’re flying out to a hot tropical country or a destination with known outbursts of rainfall, ‘WeatherPro’ is available to meet your weather needs in more than two million geographical locations. This amazing app provides you with various weather related information with everything from cloud formations and atmospheric pressure to wind speed and humidity. The apps also been known and proven to predict accurate whether forecasts beforehand, so if you’re travelling to a certain somewhere and it says rain is coming, you better make sure your carry on has an umbrella!

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android

Perfect World Clock

If you’re someone that travels quite often, then this app is definitely something you should consider downloading. Different time zones can be confusing, especially if you’re suffering from jetlag and lack of sleep from your flight. With the ‘Perfect World Clock,’ you can have easy access to the time in hundreds of cities around the world, with the extra options of adding several different clocks as home-screen widgets!

Available on Android for free


No matter how familiar you are with travelling to different countries, it’s always best to be prepared. This potentially life-saving app provides you with a database of emergency service numbers for just about every country you’d ever care to visit, plus plenty for those that you wouldn’t. Though the app is free, an extra charge can be paid for embassy details in case of an emergency. The app also allows you to pin certain services to your home screen for one touch access to police, ambulances, and fire engines; this app is a must for those travelling to new destinations!

iPhone users can choose from a range of similar apps, a popular one is ‘Emergency Phone Numbers.’

Available on Android for free


Looking for an app that can take care of all your expense reports? Expensify is the app you’re looking for! This amazing app helps you take note of all your expenses by capturing receipts, tracking time or mileages, business travels, and creates expense reports quick and easily making your travel expenses so much easier to note down. Say goodbye to paper, pens, wasted time, and headaches as Expensify does everything you need for your expense report, for you! The app has also been acknowledged by the tech community as the best app for expense reporting.

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android for free


Do you classify yourself as a bad packer? Or are you one that simply ends up with a massive tornado of clothes and gadgets when packing your bag for your next getaway? If you are, or need that extra help, then Packpoint is an app you should consider downloading. This great app creates you a list of things you’ll need based on your length of travel, any activities planned during your trip, and the weather at your destination during your stay; all you simply have to do is type in your destination, your length of stay, and what you plan on doing there during the said dates!

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android for free

Google Translate

Travelling to a county that doesn’t speak your language? Google Translate is here to help! Download this app and have access to 90 different languages, and there translations. The app also allows you to use your camera and simply capture what you want translated right there and then, while another handy feature to this app is a two way automatic translation available in 40 different languages.

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android for free


Are you one that loves sharing your special travel moments with your friends and loved ones? Or perhaps you simply want to keep those special moments to yourself, but want a way you can easily look back at them? Flipagram is an amazing app with over tens of millions of users monthly! With this musical video story maker you can easily create videos with your travel pictures and videos, and have the chance to pick the perfect soundtrack from millions of choices.

Available on iPhone + iPad and Android for free

Though these apps are just a few of the most popular and most used travel apps, there are many more handy apps available for those that are travelling. Nowadays technology has become such a big part of everyone’s life, and apps have started to make a big impact to users on a day to day basis. Though your holiday should be a time to relax away from work, your life at home, and most especially away from your phones and laptops, having these helpful apps ready could make a big difference to your stay during your much deserved holiday.

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