The perfect Christmas gifts for travellers

November 16, 2016

The season of gift giving is only a few weeks away, and while many people enjoy Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, there’s always a few out there that simply don’t know what to get when it comes to purchasing gifts. During the festive season, millions of people throughout the world spent millions on gifts and presents. For some actually buying a gift isn’t the problem, it’s knowing what to buy that is the actual struggle. If you know of any travelers, or perhaps you yourself have been asked what you want for Christmas, but don’t know what to say, then we’re here to help. We’ve come up with a few traveler gift ideas to help you conquer the Christmas shopping dilemma this season.

Though Christmas isn’t just about exchanging gifts an indulging yourself in delicious dishes, it’s always good to plan your Christmas shopping in advance. As Christmas approaches the streets and shopping centers will be full of discounts and bargains, however that also means you’ll find yourself in the middle of an excited and hyperactive crowd. Some people prefer to just go with the flow and purchase anything they can see and find on the day of their shopping trip, while others like to organize and set a budget aside with a premade Christmas list.

If you’re struggling what to get your loved for this special time of the year, or you simple need a few gift giving ideas, continue reading and we’ll enlighten you with some of the best gifts, both budget friendly and luxury, any person that loves to travel, discover, and explore would love to receive.

A Wall Map

While these may sound like a simple gift, you’ll be surprised how much fun and inspired a traveler would be to have this. Scratch off wall maps are the perfect gift for those that are constantly travelling and are always on the go. A scratch off map allows one to hang the frame on their wall and easily scratch of each country or destination they have travelled to. Hiding beneath its cover are beautiful vibrant colours that will be a pleasant sight to see. Any traveler will love to wake and remind themselves where they’ve actually been, while seeing which places are yet to be unscratched gives them the perfect inspiration to travel and see the world.

Travel Journal

You can never go wrong with this gift. Any traveler will love a travel journal. Even if you’re not the travelling type, but love to jot things down during the day or when something exciting happens, a journal can come in handy for a whole range of reasons. With so many designs and brands available, it’s entirely up to the shopper to decide which journal will suit the receiver best. It’s always good to keep your receiver’s personality in mind while you’re hunting for their gift, and matching the colors or designs to the person himself is another great way to get them even more excited.

 A new camera

Buying someone a camera will definitely get you in their good books. Most people will be over the moon with a new camera, but just imagine the smile on your travelers face when they see they have a new piece of equipment to take with them on their travels. There are so many cameras available today, with quite a few starting at very reasonable prices. If you do plan on getting your traveler friend a camera for Christmas, try to study the various functions the camera has. There are loads of extra additions to camera nowadays that might just make your gift receivers travels even more beautiful with the new camera you bought.

Priority Pass

A priority pass is the ultimate gift for anyone that travels frequently. This pass allows the owner to enjoy the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program. Members will have access, and will be able to use more than 950 lounges across the world. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the frequent flyer, and just imagine the smile on their face each time they’re relaxing in luxury at one of the many lounges throughout the world, and thankfully thinking of you. You can easily purchase the pass be clicking the title of this paragraph or the word ‘priority pass’ above.

A suitcase set

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend this Christmas and on your receiver’s gift, gifting them with a new suitcase set is probably one of the best gifts you can give a traveler. A suitcase will come in handy wherever you go, and for those that are frequently on the go, this gift is more than just a gift, it’s their lifeline to keeping all their personal belongings safe and secure. If you decide to purchase a new suitcase for someone this Christmas, it’s always best to keep a few factors in mind.

  • Do they need a new suitcase? Perhaps they got one recently.
  • What is there favorite color or preferred style?
  • Do they travel a lot? What size suitcase do they need?
  • Is it worth getting a set?

By keeping the above in mind you won’t go wrong with a new suitcase set. Any traveler will be over the moon with a new suitcase to keep their things safe, and before you know it they’ll be packing their things and heading abroad just to see how well their new travel buddy works.

A holiday

While gifts are great to give and receive for those that love to travel, the ultimate Christmas gift any traveler could receive is a luxurious halal friendly holiday with us. If you’ve got the money to spend and believe your traveler buddy is in need of another holiday, why not book him or her a luxurious holiday with us? With such a large range of beautiful destinations throughout the world, we can guarantee you’ll find somewhere you know they’ll want to go. If you would like to find out more information on how we can be of service to you, or if you’ve made up your mind and simply need to get down to business with booking a holiday, get in touch with us now and we’ll happily be a part of this magnificent Christmas gift surprise.

Take a look at our website at Luxury Halal Travel and see what luxurious destinations and hotels will suit your gift receiver best. If you would like a helping hand when it comes to choosing a destination, or have any question or inquiries, feel free to contact us at either +44 0203 637 7125 (UK) or +01 844 726 8434 (USA). You can also email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.





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