A step forward for Halal Friendly Swimwear

April 11, 2016

With summer soon approaching many will be hitting the beaches and swimming pools for an energetic and fun packed day out with family and friends. Whether you’re on holiday abroad or enjoying somewhere local, it’s always a plus to be wearing something comfortable and stylish on your adventures. For many Muslims and Muslim travelers, finding the perfect halal friendly swimsuit isn’t as easy as one would think. Fear not though! We’ve got some great and exciting news for those worrying about what to wear on their next swimming session that will definitely answer your holiday problems.

It was only last Thursday that our team at Serendipity Tailormade headed to London to take part in the Muslim Lifestyle Expo conference alongside some other great and amazing people and Muslim based businesses. The conference was a great experience for those that attended and many various topics were discussed. One topic that can be considered as one of the highlights of the conference was the new release of halal friendly swimwear or Hijab Swimsuits for woman.

Featured in the Guardian, alongside some other strong points made by Serendipity’s Director, Nabeel Shariff, halal friendly swimwear has now hit the market and has been a delightful purchase for many thanks to a decision by Marks & Spencer to sell a range of burkinis – full covered swimsuits. M&S promises to cover the whole body with the exception of the face, hands and feet, without compromising style, and has done an amazing job about it!


Black burkini set available at Marks & Spencer UK

Purchasers can now choose from two different styles from M&S’s three-piece burkini set, with a beautiful blue floral number and a sophisticated black version with a paisley print available. The international brands decision to sell the Muslim friendly swimwear in the UK has already been proven popular in branches in Dubai and Libya who have

There are also other online stores that sell suitable Muslim swimwear for men and women such as the Rajoul Store and Alsharifa, however purchasing in store or locally for such items gives you the assurance of 100% satisfaction. With the demand for various halal friendly products and services rising, large brands and businesses have started to take more notice in the market and their customers’ needs and wants. Marks & Spencer’s latest swimwear addition has been a major hit with many nationwide, and hopefully in the months to come halal friendly swimwear will be just as easy to shop for as any other garment is.

Once you’ve bought your new halal friendly swimwear, don’t forget to give us a call to book your next exotic summer holiday. Put your new wear to full use and bring it on holiday with you, your family and friends at one of the many breathtaking holiday destinations we have to offer. Feel free to contact us at Luxury Halal Travel or take a look at our perfect hot and sunny all year round destinations that will have you swimming under the sun all day long.

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