Must have travel items this 2018

February 8, 2018
Travel items for your halal trip

A new year brings new technology, new gadgets, and new smart ideas. When it comes to travelling, different industries are constantly looking to produce the next ‘must have’ item. While there is already a range of different handy devices and portable accessories available on the market, that hasn’t stopped designers and developers coming up with the next best thing. Travelling can be a scary experience, especially if you’re a newbie or are travelling on your own. Venturing off to a different country with a completely different culture can be intimidating, even more so if you’re not sure what to expect. Because of this, having travel items on you that provide not just convenience but also certain safety measures can be considered as a most.

We’ve already hit 2018 off and the majority of people have already started looking into their next annual halal holiday. With plans being laid out, and arrangements being made, now is the perfect time to start considering what you’ll need to pack, and what travel items are worth the extra splurge. Ensuring safety, convenience, and the basic necessities, we’ve searched high and low to find the best must-have travel items this 2018. From a safe place to store your money, to a fast drying towel, here are a selection of items we’d definitely consider bringing along on our trip.

Money Belt

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, taking precautions is a must. People lose money and items due to theft and their own mistakes all the time on holiday, which is enough to ruin a perfectly planned out week or two. Because of this, taking the extra steps to ensure the safety of your items can play a big role in preventing a holiday mishap. One of the latest items on the market, which we think is pretty cool, is the money belt. It’s not a belt bag, but an actual belt where you can sneakily stash your money. This inexpensive way of keeping money and even documents safe is a big must have. With a secret compartment on the inner side of the belt, easily store money or travel documents without the worry of losing them. The inner zipper compartments make it easy to access your hidden items, without making it obvious you’ve got something hiding!

Document Organizer

Keep everything neatly in place and remain worry free. Probably one of the most bought items when it comes to travelling, and although they’ve been around for years, including a document organizer on our list of must-haves is also another must. Nothing is worse than losing your ticket, passport, documents or receipts while on holiday. Apart from it being extremely annoying and inconvenient, it could also put you in a rather sticky situation.Nowadays there are a whole variety of document organizers available on the market. From tiny ones to fashionable ones, with some of the world’s most leading brands producing their own, a document organizer is a must when going on holiday, and something you should consider on the top of your travel item list.

International Power Adapter

Another must-have may sound like an obvious one, but it’s also one of the most forgotten items when it comes to travelling. International Power Adapters are easy enough to find, however, it’s the last thing you want to worry about when you’ve just got off a 15-hour long-haul flight. With only your hotel bed in mind, (and probably grabbing something to eat!) you won’t want to be searching for an adaptor so you can charge your iPad or mobile phone. Many people tend to forget this important travel item and insist they’ll easily be able to purchase one once they arrive at their destination. While that is true, who wouldn’t want to go straight to their hotel to rest up and charge without the stress of an international power adapter hunt?

Power Bank

Never worry about being low battery again. Power banks have become a big deal in recent times, with many purchasing them for their gadgets. Depending on the power bank you choose, your handy travel item will save your phone or tablet from dying. Power banks can also charge up other items with the use of a handy USB cord, making it one of the essential items any traveller must have. As long as you remember to charge your power bank up, you shouldn’t have to worry about your mobile phone or camera dying on you. We all know how inconvenient a dead gadget can be, so don’t forget to invest in a good brand with a large mAh (milliamp hours) to ensure enough battery life to charge up all your important gadgets.

Microfiber Towel

Most hotels and resorts will always provide you with towels, however, there are some places that won’t and may even charge you extra. For many, bringing along your own does make sense. Not all hotels allow guests to use their towels on the beach, and you may not be permitted to bring it along with you if you plan on going out an adventurous day trip. Having your own towel with you on holiday can make life so much easier, even more so when it’s a lightweight one that dries super quick! The microfiber towel is another item on our travel list that we consider a must-have, especially if you’ll be spending lots of time at the beach or in the water. Many people get fed up of bringing towels due to two things. First, they can be bulky, second, they become extremely heavy when wet! With a microfiber towel, you will enjoy something that is lightweight and does not occupy much volume, it can also double as a little blanket making it the perfect beach item when on the go.

With a large selection of halal destinations, we’ll always provide you with the neccesary travel advice you seek. Whether you’re looking for advice regarding the best holiday destinations or advice on what items you should bring, the team at Luxury Halal Travel will always be happy to go out of our way and offer our professional knowledge and personal opinions. For more information regarding our destinations, feel free to visit our destination page. You can also contact us for the travel guidance and assistance you seek on +44 0203 637 7125 or email us at 

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