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How to post-haste pack.

July 5, 2019

Packing for some is the most stressful part about travelling with other packing months in advance due to the excitement. Post-haste pack: an efficient style of preparing for your trip without any stress and avoid those items you forget year on year!


Keep it simple

Count the days you are on holiday for, do not include the days of travel to and from your destination as these clothes can be your most weighted and comfortable so to save case space. The days you are travel take this number and allow for 80% of your clothes covered for but remember how often when on holiday you’ll only chuck on the same top for just another day at the beach because after all your relaxing no rules you’re on vacation! Take time to include just incases’s but not too many a spare pair of socks and t-shirt won’t hurt but the chances of an extra three days of clothing being necessary are very low. Take toiletries you know are necessities but remember you can always buy these in your location and avoid the hassle of the security and separating your liquids in your bag if you don’t have any!

Avoid Bad timing.

An important key to posthaste packing it timing; by this, we mean don’t pack too early so that you don’t pack weather dependent clothing due to not knowing current temperatures and expected weather, but equally packing too late and close to your trip increases your chances of forgetting key items. Taking weeks out of your life to pack isn’t too good either it shouldn’t be a chore, preparing for your upcoming trip makes the build up all the more exciting. We suggest around 1-2 weeks before your holiday to start to consider clothes, try them on, putting together possible outfits and collecting those miniature toiletries we all love so much! A key factor of not overpacking is considering clothes that will easily make 2 or more outfits. For example, a pair of shorts that you can wear with multiple t-shirts or vests and shoes is perfect as it allows you to still have a varied style when away but not break your back or the bank getting it to your destination!


Remember your away to relax and break away from worries and stress, so if you forget something don’t panic as we’re sure Turkey sells suncream and makeup wipes just as we do! The main point we are making is by following these tips to posthaste pack you can effectively efficiently prepare for your trip reducing your stress and begin to relax on the days leading towards your trip.


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