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November 17, 2015

There are some places in the world where if you don’t look up, you’re missing out on the best part. It’s the beauty of halal friendly travel, finding those incredible places that you stumble across simply because you explored and discovered. The following destinations are famous for their ceilings and heights, the beautiful interiors and history of these structures will definitely amaze you and leave your ‘places to visit’ list a little bit longer than it was before.


Casa Batllo- Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batllo is a renowned building in the heart Barcelona, and is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. The magnificent building may have had numerous renovations made to it, however its amazing interior designs and artistic floors, walls, doors, windows and ceilings have made it a famous place to drop by when visiting Barcelona.

The entire building of Casa Batllo is made up of unequal windows, and flowing sculpted walls, with a dragon like roof complete with an arched type back and scaled skin made out of colourful tiles. The interior of the building has very few straight lines making the magnificent place even more interesting as its different rooms and features are plastered and designed in such a way, you’ll feel like you in a completely different dimension when roaming around the buildings astonishing art and interior work.


Vatican Obelisk- Vatican City

Vatican City is a city state surrounded by Rome and Italy. It’s also known as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, and home to the Pope. However, the beautiful city is also famous for its iconic art and architecture, and the Vatican Obelisk that stands in the peaceful St. Peter’s Square.

The Vatican Obelisk was originally an Egyptian obelisk, build by an unknown Egyptian Pharaoh in Heliopolis before it was moved to Vatican City in 1586. The 25.5 meter tall obelisk is made out of red granite and stands in the centre of St Peter’s Square making it a famous tourist attraction, especially to those interested in the Egyptian history. The Vatican Obelisk is currently the only ancient standing Egyptian obelisk in Rome, and has remained standing ever since the Roman times. Though the obelisk’s design may not be as fascinating to look at as other famous landmarks, the history and story of its origin is definitely something that will make your visit worthwhile.


Hagia Sohpia- Istanbul, Turkey

The beautiful Hagia Sophia, or the ‘Holy Wisdom’ was previously a Christian church before it was made into an imperial mosque in the early 14th century. Today the amazing structure is used as a museum in Istanbul, Turkey, and has been so since 1935. Not only is the Hagia Sophia famous for its various history, but the amazing interior design, especially on its ceiling, has become a well-known tourist attraction for travellers passing by.

Despite having numerous renovations done on the inside and outside of the building due to its old and deteriorating structure, the Hagia Sohpia still resembles one of the greatest surviving examples of Byzantine architecture. With its mosaics and marble pillars, and the central dome which at its maximum is 55.6 m (182 ft 5 in) from floor level and rests on an arcade of 40 arched windows, tourists have been fascinated by the beautiful interior designs that were first built and designed in 537, making it an amazing experience to wonder around within the museum and feel like you’ve stepped back in time.


Burj Khalifa- Dubai

The amazing Burj Khalifa or the ‘Khalifa Tower’, formally known as the Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world. The outstanding skyscraper stands at an amazing 2,722 ft tall and is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It took 5 years to finish the exterior of this amazing building, before it was opened in 2010 as part of the Dubai’s new development, ‘Downtown Dubai.’

Though the primary structure is reinforced concrete, having broken numerous height records, and being the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa has made a grand name for its self, bringing in thousands of tourist and visitors every year. The amazing interior in this building will surely make you appreciate the modern structure. With 196 18 carat gold cymbals representing each country in the world, plus the dripping water that falls mimicking the sound of water falling on leaves spread throughout the building’s lobby, visitors will feel relaxed and amazed with the various facilities the building has, making it a definite must visit when in Dubai.


Under the stars at Oman’s Desert – Oman

Not all of the best views come from tall buildings and amazing interior designs, sometimes the best views come from something completely natural. Oman’s desert wilderness is probably one of the best natural views any traveller would feel honoured to witness. Imagine having the chance to witness the beautiful sunset before the bluey black skies that go on and on for miles are covered with nothing but bright shiny stars? That’s definitely a beautiful view anyone would love to see.

The Oman desert offers a range of top class hotels that have luxurious camping facilities for you to enjoy the spectacular view from the outside but with the inside amenities and facilities. The peaceful destination will leave you relaxed with its scenery, but overcome with appreciation for its natural beautiful view, and you’re own star ceiling.

Whether you’re looking for artistic buildings or natural starry skies, the above destinations will surely amaze you with their history and beautiful interior designs.

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