Your 2018 Halal Travel Bucket List

December 29, 2017
Halal planning

2018 is a few days away and we’re almost ready to welcome another year. New years mean new challenges, new people to meet, new goals to reach, and new holidays to embark on. One of the best ways to start your year off right is by booking the holiday of your dreams. Whether you plan on booking now or later, you can never go wrong when it comes to planning and researching your holiday ahead of time. At Luxury Halal Travel, we’re always ready to see to your wants and needs. Our priority is to provide you with the halal holiday you seek, and we can easily do it with our large selection of halal destination spread around the world.

If you’re looking to visit one country or many, the most practical way to sort yourself out is by putting together a travel bucket list. This can contain places you want to visit or activities you want to embark on while on holiday. A travel bucket list is perfect for those that love being organised and is an ideal way to put your thoughts down on pen and paper so you see what it is you want and hope to achieve. While a bucket list can be as long or short as you want, or as adventurous or simple as it can be, having a rough idea of the places and activities you want to take part in will make it a lot easier when it comes down to actually getting the real planning done.

If you’re uncertain where it is you want to travel too, we’ve selected some of the most popular halal destinations we’re sure you’ll find will cater your needs. With there being so many stunning places around the world, you may want to try and visit them all. Selected a range of destinations to travel to one after another is possible, and we’ll happily help you put together the ultimate holiday containing your favourite must visits. So, what are the best places to travel to this coming 2018, and what is it they have to offer? Let’s take a look at the top 4 new places you probably haven’t visited but should do this 2018…

Sri Lanka

Probably known as one of the top choices for Muslim travellers, Sri Lanka is a small island with so much to offer. This Muslim friendly country offers a range of stunning views, beaches, tropical forests, and historical sites. Considered as the complete packages with so much to do and so many places to visit, minus the long travel time, Sri Lanka is perfect for those looking to see as much as they can, and take part in as many activities as possible without having to travel far. With a collection of breathtaking beaches to lounge around on, non-stop sunny weather, wildlife spread through the country with sanctuaries allowing you to get up close and personal, plus the warm and friendly Sri Lankan hospitality welcoming you with arms open wide, you’ll never go wrong by including Sri Lanka on your bucket list.


If you’re looking for a halal holiday closer to home, look no further! Morocco is a country almost entirely made up of Muslims. That being so, halal food, Mosques, prayer facilities, and halal friendly hotels and places or adventure aren’t a problem to find. Morocco is also full of history and there are plenty of historic and cultural Islamic attractions to visit making your holiday perfect for those looking to explore and take a trip down memory lane. The exotic culture and vibrant streets will make the perfect day trip, just as the delicious halal food and Moroccan cuisines will keep you on the go.


Travelling to Japan will provide you with a fun and adventurous holiday with lots of fresh places to discover. For Muslim travellers, Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka are the best places to travel to within Japan as these are areas that offer a lot of Muslim friendly facilities. This 2018, the government of Japan is working hard to make Muslims feel more welcome in their country and have started to plan out and put together various projects that will entice more Muslims to come and visit their humble country. It’s been said that prayer rooms will be located in major airports and will clearly be signed to allow Muslims to easily find their way. More restaurants are also becoming halal friendly and have started to introduce special Muslim friendly menus that are halal certified. Alongside the above, more public places will introduce public prayer areas giving Muslim easy access to private rooms where they can pray without feeling the pressure of people looking at them. Hotels are also starting to chip in by adding prayer facilities within the premises, another great step forward for Muslim travellers. Japan will truly become a halal destination in the next year, and we’re excited to see just how many Muslim travellers will enjoy visiting and exploring all that Japan has to offer.


India is a large country full of colourful streets and aromatic markets. While only 10% of Muslims make up the Indian population, you’ll be surprised to hear that India actually has the 3rd largest Islamic population in the world. That being so, India can be considered as home, especially with it being easy to find halal food and restaurants, plus prayer places. This also goes for anywhere in the country you plan to visit, making it easier and more enjoyable to travel and see as much as you can of the Indian life. There are also hundreds of Mosques scattered all over India giving you the chance to see first hand the many beautiful architectural designs both on the inside and out. Don’t forget India the famous Taj Mahal can be found in India, and it provides the perfect romantic sunset trip for couples and honeymooners looking to wrap up their holiday filled with romance.

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