Halal Travel: Top 10 Airlines of 2017

November 10, 2017
Enjoy comfort with Qatar airlines


Flying is one of the most important parts of your holiday. Playing the crucial role of getting you from A to B, this sometimes rather lengthy stage between setting off and arriving at your halal holiday destination means comfort is a must. Whether you’re on a flight for a couple of hours, or up in the air for most of the day, no matter where you go and your reason for travelling, making sure you feel safe, secure, and comfortable is something all travellers want. While all airlines follow the same general rules, the services and features each airline have differ in many ways. From economy to business, and the luxuries of first class, we’ve had a look at the top 10 airlines for the year of 2017.

If you’re planning to travel next year, you may be interested to see what airlines are ranking as the best. No matter how simple a lifestyle you live, or how much money you want to save on tickets, ensuring your comfort and safety is one of the main factors all travellers consider when choosing their airline. Luckily for us, the list of the top 10 airlines for 2017 have been announced. While some airlines may surprise you, many of them won’t. Many airlines around the world have been known as some of the best for consecutive years. Constantly upgrading their features and services to keep them among the top, the below airlines have yet again set their standards to another level.

  1. Garuda Indonesia

Previously ranking at number 11, Garuda Indonesia has made it into the top 10 this 2017. Home to the hospitable country of Indonesia, the proud airline has taken home the award of Best Cabin Crew for the second year in a row. Undergoing extensive fleet renewal and major service improvements in all areas, Garuda Indonesia has won over the hearts of thousands with their comfortable seats and delicious selection of Southeast Asian cuisine in economy class.

  1. Hainan Airlines

Another airline that didn’t quite make it into the top 10 last year has now proudly made it’s way to the top. Hainan Airline, a Chinese Airline, has gone far in the last three years. Ranking at 22nd place in 2015, 12th place in 2016, and now 9th place this 2017, Hainan Airlines has vastly expanded since it first took flight in 1993. With a brand new fleet of more than 160 Boeing and Airbus Jets, the Chinese airline is expanding rapidly throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia. Reviews have praised the airline for its top of the notch services and quality accommodation in business class.

  1. Etihad Airways

Despite falling behind, Etihad Airways which was previously ranked at 6th place last year is still among the top 10 airlines for 2017. Based in Abu Dhabi and the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, the airline which travels to about 100 destinations continues to amaze passengers with their trademark residence flying apartments and plush first class and business class suites. Etihad Airlines also took home 3 awards this year including World’s Best First Class, Best First Class Seat, and Best First Class Onboard Catering for the second year in a row.

  1. Lufthansa

Previously ranking at number 10 last year, Lufthansa (a personal favourite) has made it into the 7th spot this 2017. Being praised for its exceptional service and overall product quality, the German airlines continue to provide travellers with a quality flying experience. Lufthansa proudly took home two awards this year, including Best Airline in Europe and Best First Class Airline Lounge Dining.

  1. EVA Air

Smoothly making its way into 6th place this year, EVA Air, a proud product and service of Taiwan, has been credited with pioneering the ‘premium economy cabin. Bagging home prizes such as World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness and Best Business Class Comfort Amenities this 2017, EVA Air continues to grow and operates a large fleet of Airbus and Boeing jets.

  1. Cathay Pacific Airways

Having flown myself with Cathay Pacific, there’s no doubt about the quality services and facilities this airline provides. Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways ranks in at 5th place this 2017. Praised for its remarkable seat comfort, service quality, and in-flight entertainment, Cathay Pacific Airways has become one of the finest flying experiences in Asia.

  1. Emirates

Taking home the gold last year and ranking at number 1, Emirates has fallen back this 2017 and is now positioned in 4th place. Despite the fallback, Dubai’s Emirates has developed into one of the world’s premier long-haul carriers. Boasting the world’s largest fleet of Airbus A380 superjumbos and Boeing 777 wide-body jets, Emirates has mastered top of the class flying services and quality state of the art in-flight entertainment. In fact, the airline has taken home the award of Best In-Flight Entertainment for 13 years running!

  1. All Nippon Airways

Making its way towards the number one spot, All Nippon Airways previously ranked at 5th place, and is now nearing its goal by coming in at 3rd this year. All Nippon Airways, also known as ANA, is the largest international carrier in Japan. It is also home to one of the world’s largest fleets of Boeing 787 Dreamliners.  Praised for its cleanliness, service, and safety, ANA has become a popular choice with awards for World’s Best Airport Services and Best Airline Staff Service in Asia.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Another personal favourite, and probably the best airline I’ve flown on so far, Singapore Airlines is also looking to reach gold. Previously ranking in 3rd place, and now settling in at 2nd, the Singaporean airline is known for its standout services and incredibly caring and respectful flight attendants. Awarded Best Airline in Asia, Best Business Class Airline Seat, and Best Premium Economy Catering, Singapore Airlines is one that could possibly bag the top spot next year. Based at Changi International Airport, Singapore Airline’s home has been awarded Best Airport in the World for 5 years in a row proving not only the airline but Singapore’s Changi International Airport is a must try.

  1. Qatar Airways

Finally, the airline of the year that has been voted as number 1 is the Doha based airline, Qatar Airways. This isn’t the first time Qatar Airways has made it to the top spot, and after falling into second place last year, it looks like they’re simply taking back what is theirs. With airline links to over 150 destinations, and some of the best reviews for seat comfort and in-flight entertainment for all classes including economy, Qatar Airways proudly brings home the gold alongside awards for Best Airline in the Middle East, World’s Best Business Class, and Best First Class Airline Lounge.


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