Halal Tips: Overcoming your fear of flying

December 15, 2017
Halal holidays around the globe

When it comes to flying, many people are fine with boarding a plane and enjoying the ride. However, despite the popularity flying has nowadays, there is still a large number of people that are afraid or totally against getting on a plane. There are many reasons some aren’t keen on flying. It could be due to trauma from a bad past experience, or a phobia of some sort. Various phobias contribute to people not wanting to fly. It could be due to a fear for heights, others may have claustaphobia and not enjoy being cramped in a small area for a certain amount of hours, and others could simply just not like the idea of being thousands of miles up in the air.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to fly, or you know of someone that is suffering from that problem, we understand getting on a plane is a big deal and can potentially stop you from wanting to travel. While we understand it’s not easy for someone with such fears or phobias to simply get on a plane, we want to help those out so they too can enjoy the many memories one can make while on holiday. You may be thinking “well that’s easier said than done,” and while we agree, we want to do our best to help those out. We’ve provided a few simple tips that can help you prepare for your big day.


If you’ve got a holiday booked but are uncertain whether or not you’re going to be alright before and during your flight, we suggest planning well ahead to prepare yourself. By planning, we mean making things as simple as possible before you get on board. Have everything you need ready to make the check-in process as swift and easy as possible. We also advise you ensure your luggage isn’t overweight or you have extra weight sorted out with your airline before checking in. Pre-booking your seat is also helpful (if the option is available). Getting to choose where you sit can also help you relax as you’ll already know whereabouts on the plane you’re going to sit. You may prefer a window or aisle seat, or somewhere in the middle; even if your not that bothered about the seating arrangement, choosing where you sit can go a long way for someone that may be worried about flying. By preparing in advance you’ll make things as stress-free as possible. Any added stress in the airport and before boarding can lead to extra anxiety when actually boarding the plane.


One way of helping you conquer your fear of flying is by discussing your issue with a loved one or someone you can rely on. Even better would be to talk with someone that has plenty of experience with flying and can provide you with the in’s and out. Simply getting your worries off your chest can make you feel a lot better and give you peace of mind about the upcoming flight. You may also be able to ask questions regarding various things you have running on your mind. Speaking to someone who has experience with flying will allow you to understand the process of boarding, taking off, flying, and landing. Not only will this provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for, but it could potentially help you relax and prepare for the journey.

Medical Advice

If you’re really against flying but have no option due to various work or personal reasons, you may want to seek medical or professional advice. There are certain medications that are available with a prescription to help those relax and feel calmer, or even sleep through most of the flight. While this may not be the best option for some, for others it may be the only way to help them get through the experience. We advise you seek medical advice from your local GP, or nurse regarding this situation. If they believe prescribing you with some sort of medication is the best way to prevent anxiety attacks or a complete breakdown, go ahead and take the best option that will put you at ease both mentally and physically.

Stay Hydrated

Before flying out make sure you drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated is a must for all travellers, but even more, if you’re suffering from anxiety due to the upcoming flight. Have as much water as you can before boarding the plane, and ask for a drink as soon as you can once you have boarded. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, seek reassurance from the flight attendants. While they may not be able to give you all their attention, letting them know your situation should be enough for them to provide you with the extra attention and care you need. Flight attendants are there to guide you and ensure your flight is a comfortable one. This doesn’t mean just serving you food and drinks, but it also means by helping you out where possible if you find you are still suffering from the nerves.

Be Positive

Most importantly one must stay positive. Refrain from thinking negatively by keeping your mind off actually flying. Plug your earphones in and listen to some music, read a good book or watch a film. Whatever you can do to take your mind off the flight will help. Despite the fear, most of the time you’ll realize the whole flying experience isn’t as bad as you may have originally pictured it. A lot of people tend to think negatively as the departure date approaches, which will only make things worse when it comes to the actual day. Stop yourself from watching or even reading plane related movies or books, or anything that may trigger an anxiety attack. While we understand it isn’t going to be as easy as it may sound, you are the only person that can help yourself when it comes to conquering your fear.


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