Flying; Making your flight a pleasant one

May 27, 2017

Many people hate flying. While we know it’s required to get ourselves from A to B, deep down we all wish we could simply skip this part of our holiday so we could get on with the fun stuff at our destination. For many, it’s the long haul flights and the discomfort of sitting still that drives us crazy. No one wants to be cramped up in a small place sitting next to someone they don’t know, especially when that person is probably in the same ‘i hate flying’ mood you’re in too. However, flying really isn’t that bad and it can be turned into a fun and exciting part of your holiday if you simply allow it.

Enjoying your flight is all down to your mindset. If you constantly tell yourself that you’ll be stuck in a small seat for consecutive hours with nothing to do then yes, you’ll be dreading the day you board the plane. But, if you look at it at a different view, and say “oh I can sit and relax while enjoying some entertaining movies for the next few hours”, then no it won’t seem as bad. Remember, flying can be as relaxing as you want it to be, but it’s mainly down to you.

When embarking on a long haul flight, preparing yourself for those long hours ahead is one of the best ways to make your travels that much easier. Simply packing a good book or downloading your favourite TV series on your tablet or laptop can make your flight a lot less stressful. Try to brainstorm a few things that you’d enjoy doing while sitting in the comfort of your home, but instead do it while on the plane. Many people will happily sit for hours on end and read a good book or watch a few films, something you can still do while in the air. Being prepared is the best ways to save yourself from boredom. You may have watched all the movies the airplane has to offer, making it even more important you come prepared with a few backup plans to keep you entertained. Download some new games, go over your holiday plans, do something that will keep you occupied for a few hours so you don’t find yourself miserable and bored.

If food is your problem and you’re not a fan of airplane dishes then bring a few light snacks to satisfy your craving needs. Holidays aren’t meant to be healthy diet-wise, so treat yourself to a big bag of crisps you normally wouldn’t buy, or your favourite tin of biscuits is completely allowed. While some people love airplane food, others don’t. For those that have specific food needs then you can prearrange this before your flight by getting in touch with the airline. If you simply don’t like what’s being served then ask for a sandwich or even some plain bread. Airplanes always come equipped with a selection of food almost anyone would eat, meaning you won’t starve. Again, if you are a bit picky when it comes to airplane food then try and find out what snacks you can bring on the plane. Pack a sandwich and a few extra snacks to keep you company while flying.

Comfort is also an issue and probably one of the main reasons why many people dislike flying. Getting the sleep you need can be a rather tough job, and we understand how sitting upright for hours isn’t exactly the most comfortable position you wish you could be in. However, because this is something you’ll have to endure, why don’t you come prepared with some handy travel equipment that will make your flight that much easier. A neck pillow is an important item to bring with you when travelling as it allows you to fall asleep without the worry of waking up with a stiff neck. Ear plugs are also great to give you the peace and quiet you need while trying to fall asleep, and yes an eye mask is highly recommended if you find it hard to sleep with the lights on. All these items can help make your flight that much more comfortable then it would be without them.

Another important contribution to making your flight a comfortable one depends on what you wear. Making sure your wear comfortable clothing is very important. No one wants’s to feel bloated due to tight fitting clothing, just as much as no one wants to feel incapable of moving freely because of what they have on. We recommend you dress appropriately for your flight. Bring something a bit thicker as planes can get rather cold once you’ve been in the air for a few hours. Comfortable footwear is another essential that you should consider. Bring a pair of slip on’s which you can easily slip on and off when needed. Our feet can begin to bloat due to the pressure high up in the skies making it important your feet are able to breathe. Tight footwear can potentially cause problems to your feet and legs, with aches and pains, and cramps being the most common. Standing up every now and then and walking back and down the aisle will help circulate your blood, something highly recommended for older people and those that have various health problems. Making sure you stretch your legs once in awhile is a must, even if it means doing a few stretching exercises while you sit.

At the end of the day we all know flying can be a painful experience, but still, it’s down to you and how you approach it. You can make your flight as comfortable as you want it to be if you willingly put in some time and effort in preparing for your trip. Remember, you’re not the only one suffering while high up in the air, and they’ll probably be a good 100 more people feeling the exact same way as you feel. Don’t let a long haul flight leave you bored and groggy, you’ve got an exciting adventure awaiting for you and you’ll want to be in the best shape possible when you land. If all else fails them simply try to sleep the flight off, plug in some music, shut your eyes and try to get some sleep. Even if sleep is a struggle, being able to simply sit and not have to do anything for a few hours isn’t really that bad. Would you prefer to be at work or sitting on a plane while a pleasant steward brings you food every now and then? I think we all know the answer to that!






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