Checklist: Luggage

June 8, 2018

Going on holiday guarantees one thing, you’ll have luggage. Carting your personal belongings around the world with you and your journey can be a rather frightening experience, especially if this includes multiple airport stopovers and transferring of airplanes. Making sure you have the right variety of luggage space is a must when travelling. Being frequent travellers ourselves, we know the hassle a poor quality suitcase can bring. To prevent others from experiencing the ultimate luggage nightmare, we’ve listed down some of the best luggage available on the market today. From some of the most popular and reliable brands to handy compartments and easy luggage access, here are our top luggage picks for travellers looking to enjoy a stress-free luggage experience.

Samsonite PRO-DLX ⁴Laptop Backpack with Wheels – £275.00

Wheeled backpacks are one of the most versatile forms of luggage available on the market today. The multi-functional piece of luggage provides travellers the option of hand-free carrying on the back, or the ease of casually strolling along with your backpack on wheels. For travellers frequently on the go, and for those that often travel due to business, we suggest purchasing the Samsonite PRO-DLX ⁴Laptop Backpack with Wheels . This stylish backpack with wheels gives you easy access to your laptop while also providing the safety and security your laptop needs. It also has ample space for other personal belongings you’ll need throughout your journey.

Samsonite LITE DLX SP Duffle with Wheels – £199.00

Introducing a stylish duffle bag with wheels, Samsonite LITE DFC SP provides travelers space and comfort they need when travelling. Whether you’re looking to use this piece of luggage as a handbag, or as a stroller, Samsonite Duffle with Wheels is ideal for those looking for ample space to keep their luggage neatly positioned the way it was packed. Easily stroll through airports with the luggage’s handy wheels or use the bags handle and comfortably carry your luggage. This stylish piece of luggage gives travelers the chance to travel in style with comfort being one of the main priorities.

Samsonite LITE DLX Toiletry Bag – £75.00

Keep your toiletries neatly arranged and all in one easy accessible place with your very own toiletry bag. No one wants to waste time rummaging through their entire luggage just to find their toothbrush or personal toiletries, neither do you want to find your products have spilled and made a mess in your bag. We suggest investing in a reliable toiletry bag that will not only keep your most essential items neat and tidy together but will also prevent spillages in your bag. Samsonite LITE DLX is a handy little bag that has ample amount of room for your most needed personal belongings. Available in a selection of colours, enjoy a worry-free flight with everything you need at hand.

TUMI TLX Extended Trip Hard Case – £545.00

If you’re lucky to have booked a 3 week or month long holiday then you’ll need a lot more space than a 1-2 week holiday requires. Nowadays, many travelers are exploring the world for months on end, making it crucial you have everything you’ll need for your extended escapade. For travelers looking for a trusty hard case that will protect their belongings tucked up inside, try out TUMI’s TLX Extended Trip Hard Case. Offering a large amount of room for all your holiday needs, plus a selection of compartments for various items, this luggage provides travellers with a reliable case that will not only keep their belongings safe but will also give you the room you need to make sure you have all your items safely tucked up inside while getting from A to B.


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