Best Destinations of 2017

January 11, 2017

Another year has ended, and we’re now slowly sailing off into the year of 2017. With every New Year brings new challenges, adventures, moments and memories to make, all which are made so much better when travelling and seeing the world. This 2017 Luxury Halal Travel will continue to help our fellow Muslim travellers meet all their travel wants and dreams with the great destinations, hotels and services we have to offer.

If you’ve already started planning a grand escapade this 2017 but aren’t entirely sure where to travel to, we’re here to help. We’ve listed down 5 must visit destinations this 2017 and we’ve included exactly why they need to be on your list. Take a look below and get inspired to travel somewhere new this year where you can make life lasting memories with your loved ones and friends.


thailandA popular halal friendly destination for many is Thailand. Full of vibrant holiday destinations and private getaways, those looking to forget about the world and relax in their own paradise can experience just that when visiting this breath taking country. Each hotel we offer in Thailand will provide you with the privacy you need to enjoy a relaxing and romantic getaway where you’ll feel miles away from the everyday stresses of life. All hotels and resorts available have made it into our halal friendly experience award, each ranking at 3* or 4*. This being so, you can expect only the very best when staying in Thailand. From private pools and balconies, to halal certified restaurants and meals, your time in Thailand will be nothing less than a luxurious and blissful one.


mauritiusWhen you hear of Mauritius sand, sun and the sea comes to mind. Being such a beautiful holiday destination surrounded by pristine beaches and turquoise clear water, this halal friendly getaway is perfect for beach lovers and those looking to discover the underwater world. Our featuring hotels at Mauritius offer modern day hotels with extra special features giving you the sophisticated and luxurious accommodation you need to enjoy a much deserved holiday. All hotels provide spectacular views, romantic surroundings, nature at its very best, top of the end chefs to put together your favourite meal, grand spa facilities and treatments, 5* hospitality and a whole lot more.

St Lucia

st-luciaOne of our newest halal friendly destinations is situated in the heart of the Caribbean. St. Lucia is a truly magnificent getaway perfect for Muslim honeymooners, couples, and families. While you’ll be surrounded by luxurious views and romantic backdrops, even the individual Muslim traveller would enjoy a day or two soaking up the sun in this pure haven. Featuring our latest addition to Luxury Halal Travel, the Viceroy Sugar Beach has made it at 3* on our halal friendly experience award. Offering modern day villas, private pools, views that will permanently leave beautiful memories in your mind, exclusive halal dining, your own private butler, and various other luxurious facilities and amenities that will make your Caribbean adventure a once in a life time experience that will bring you many happy memories for the years to come.


malaysiaHome to one of the most popular halal friendly destinations in the world, Malaysia is another great pick if you’re looking to escape your busy and hectic schedules this year. Full of halal friendly hotels all situated in magnificent locations, choose from either a beach resort where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea, or a city hotel where you can make the most of your time in Malaysia by discovering the many famous buildings, land marks, must see and do’s, and shopping centres. Malaysia is popular for its heart-warming hospitality, and is the perfect destination to experience the true Asian ways of making guests feel welcome. Our hotels are perfect for both business and leisure trips, making it a great getaway for families, couples, and those working on the go. Enjoy delicious halal cuisines, the very best Malay dishes, outstanding city or beach views, and luxuries like no other with Malaysia’s perfect blend of modern day and cultural features and designs.


tanzaniaThose looking for a luxurious holiday in the wild need to visit the Zanzi Resort, Tanzania. The beautiful East African country is the perfect getaway for those looking to discover somewhere new this year. Featuring breath taking ocean views, luxurious private villas with your very own pool, spacious accommodation to lounge around and relax in, and all the extra special facilities and amenities a luxurious 5* resort should offer, this outstanding holiday getaway is perfect for those looking to enjoy peace and quiet in a completely different location. Halal meals are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while those who are luckily enough to book in advance can expect their very own private beach area where they can soak up the sun in a truly relaxing a secluded place.

For more information on the above halal destinations, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily answer all your questions and inquiries. If you’ve already selected your holiday getaway which isn’t mentioned above, and would like to find out more information on the hotels and resorts we can offer, get in touch now and we’ll help you achieve your holiday dreams.

Luxury Halal Travel looks forward to providing you and your loved ones with a much deserved holiday this 2017. We look forward to working with you and providing you with a once in a life time experience you’ll never forget.

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