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Beat the holiday blues!

September 11, 2019

Three rather simple tips for scrapping the holiday blues and truly appreciate your holiday and … well, read more to know more!


Remember why you miss your most recent trip, list out the positives and what parts specifically you miss besides the climate and weather, but did you enjoy the company or the staff and people you encountered or was it solely based on the culture and cuisine you experienced and tried out? From this exercise, you can recreate similar if not better qualities in your next trip. Also, you must enjoy and savour the trip, print photos, share and even write about your time away to revel in what positive energy it gave you; take time to appreciate the experience you had. Some great ideas to savour the memories and experiences you had while away are scrapbooking creating a wholesome memoir of your time to look back on in the near and far future or why not share photos and stories of your trip ; recommend to others restaurants beaches activities and more either to close friends and family or review online, honest reviews are always useful to those looking to travel, and positive ones even better!


Now you’ve thoroughly got the most out of your last trip its time to start brainstorming and getting clued up on where you’d next like to travel. Get inspired. Check out Rihaala to see snaps of modest travel across the globe photos to get the ideas flowing and your outfits planned! We suggest getting a feel of a range of destinations check out the Rihaala blog for reviews and different angles such as food and faith in a destination for a variety of contributors. Once you’re inspired you feel an urge to research and find out as much as you can about the destination of your choosing we at Rihaala provide many tools including the mentioned blog and inspirational wall as well as our quarterly magazine and Instagram page, bursting with holiday feels pics and reviews and descriptions of everything from hotels to restaurants to prayer times and facilities.


Now yure ready to rebook a holiday, whether its the same destination or a new one take your tie hunt for the best prices and take time to dee if prices fluctuate (which they tend to!) Holidays shouldn’t always be an escape but possibly a chance to grow or explore a new interest, check our Rihaala to find the ideal trip tailormade to all Muslim travellers from Muslim families to Muslim honey and babymooners to Muslim solo travellers with our clever filtering process you can select accommodation based on what’s important to you such as a mosque nearby or being completely alcohol free.

What are you waiting for? Make those holiday blues a thing of the past with these three simple steps from us at Rihaala.


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