Banana Island Resort by Anantara

May 31, 2016

Qatar is making moves as a holiday destination for Muslim travellers with family friendly experiences at the forefront. The numerous activities and wonderful places to visit and explore has caught the attention of thousands of tourists each year, but it’s definitely the warm welcoming Arabian culture that adds the perfect final touch. One luxurious addition the beautiful country has is the Banana Island Resort by Anantara, situated in Qatar’s capital, Doha. This breathtaking halal friendly holiday destination overflows with character and is the perfect paradise sanctuary if you’re looking to relax and unwind in a blissful and luxurious environment.

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is a luxurious sanctuary for those that are looking for a five star getaway not too far from the UK. The resort carefully takes into count the local culture by offering an alcohol-free environment, and at the same time offering first class facilities Anantara do so well.


Make the most of the resorts 800 metre long private beach

Situated just 25 minutes from the heart of Qatar’s lively and vibrant capital, the magnificent Banana Island Resort awaits you. Your journey to the paradise island starts with a luxury catamaran ferry ride through the crystal clear waters before reaching your hideout for the next few days. Though the main source of travel is via ferry, those that want an extra special and private arrival can use the resorts private helicopter pad facilities for an exclusive bird’s eye view of what and where you’ll be unwinding.

With 141 rooms, suites, pool villas, and over water villas waiting to spoil you, you and your companions will be living in true Arabian luxury in no time. Each room, suite, and villa has been carefully designed to give you a taste of Arabians sophisticated designs, making you fall in love with the culture and its unique blend of vibrant colours, and patterns. Being a resort by Anantara you’ll also receive the plush comforts of Anantara’s signature amenities, and a breathtaking view of the sea in every room.


Both children and adults will have loads of fun at the resorts spectacular water playground

This spectacular resort is known as one of the most sought after hotels in Doha, so much so that even locals and expats head there for a sunset dinner on the weekend. You may think that is down to their amazing facilities and luxuries, but what tops off the hotel the most is the professional and warm welcoming staff services, and their splendid attitude and willingness to keep everyone happy and occupied. The Banana Island Resort offers such a large range of activities for you to enjoy and explore, that you’ll definitely struggle to fit everything in. From a private 800 metre beach to relax and soak the sun in, to the crystal clear waters that go on and on as far as your eyes can see making it perfect for swimming and relaxing.  For those that prefer pools, the resorts 100 metre long lagoon pool will be perfect for you. Kids can enjoy and master surfing in the resorts wave pool where a wide range of water sports are also available in a safe and secure environment.

Beautiful views, luscious green grass, and lots of energetic sports ready to explore

Beautiful views, luscious green grass, and lots of energetic sports ready to explore

Holiday time means relaxing time and that’s exactly what you’ll get at the Banana Island Resort. Treat yourself to the water spa suites for the ultimate spa treat, or go the further length and try out the resorts holistic lifestyle programs at their wellness center. You can also learn about marine life before enjoying scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, or perhaps you would rather stay on solid ground and have a go at bowling, golf, tennis, or the resorts fun and energetic beach games during the day before it turns into a VIP cinema at night.

If the above is not enough to entice you to give this once in a lifetime holiday destination a try, then just wait until you hear about the amazing cuisines they have to offer! With nine dining options available you’ll surely find something to comfort your cravings, and you may even have the urge to try a completely different cuisine that you never had in mind. Enjoy top of the class culinary dishes with choices from the Middle Eastern culture, Italian tastes and flavor, and other world famous dishes and menus that will make your taste buds explode in delight.

The Banana Island Resort is definitely a must visit for those that want a true halal friendly luxurious holiday. Offering so much more than your normal holiday hotel, here you’ll feel right at home in the safe and comfort of Doha’s magical paradise getaway. If you would like to find out more on what the resort has to offer, feel free to get in touch with us at Luxury Halal Travel and contact us for further questions and inquiries.

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