Avoid the cons of modern travel: get away for less this summer

May 7, 2019
modern travel

Modern Travel has its many upsides from online check in to E-tickets on your tablet or phone for maximum efficiency, yet there are many ways even low-cost airlines manage to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash. Below are four simple steps to help you avoid the cons of modern travel when booking your summer getaway!

Pick a destination… where you make your pound go the furthest.

We all can get into a bit of routine when we plan our annual summer holidays, deciding on a destination simply because “it was nice last year,” but by simply considering your destination a little more you can get smart with your money. Why go somewhere with a currency which almost precisely mirrors the pound? You can visit destinations such as Argentina, Brazil and Turkey to name a few with a surprising exchange rate. Turkey is ideal for those in favour of a shorter haul holiday with an exchange of £1 to 7 .78 Turkish Lira; you’ll have more spending money for you and the kids in this sunny destination with highs of 28 Degrees! The exchange rate in Argentina a staggering £1 to 57.73 Argentinian Peso; a destination diverse in its nature and opportunity for adventure.

Consider your accommodation methodically.

Modern Travel technology allowing us to book a room in minutes and find a flight on the day we intend to set off, take full advantage of the compare sights and booking engine features. Don’t solely focus on the hotel’s amenities because how long do you plan to sit inside on your trip anyhow? Pick a hotel based on its location, is it central? (cutting your travel costs to the beach or activities you decide upon) Is it close to the airport? (You will then save on transfer fees which will occur twice within your trip inevitably!)

All the better why not stay in accommodation from the likes of Airbnb where you’ll find yourself all the amenities a hotel lacks, don’t pay for laundry or room service with a microwave oven and washing machine all in the comfort of your accommodation. Hotels are quick to charge you for basics from TV channels to the use of their pool facilities (did you read the small print?) Save money while living like a local with the opportunity to shop locally and cook dishes in the beautiful destination of your choosing.

Pack light.

The majority of travellers bring both hand luggage and checked luggage when flying, it is rare you see anyone skipping the dreaded baggage claim after their flight, but why not? With many airlines allowing for up to 12 kg capacity of hand luggage included in the price of your ticket this is more than enough for your trip. For those visiting hotter countries the likely hood is you will spend time in your beach/ swimwear which has multiple wears and can be washed. Mix and match allowing for the use of clothing more than once and not too many “just in cases” because what are the chances of a snowstorm in Argentina in August?

A brilliant aid to packing but not lacking in your hand luggage are packing cubes: lightweight compartments used to save space in your case. These nifty purchases allow you to pack while getting the most out of your case and organising it accordingly.

Walking apposed to driving.

Another common theme seems to be the highly used taxi for tourists when travelling, weirdly as taxis are more of a one-off in day-to-day life yet we seem to go mad for them when we are away! They are a sure-fire way to rapidly decrease your spending money on your trip! With so many other options such as the Metro in Paris and Dubai to name a few with an excellent running system with low-cost fairs. Another option is getting hold of a free map which will easily be found at the airport’s train stations or the tourist information office and then locating short routes to shops, restaurants and beaches by foot. You may be surprised that you are surrounded by many amenities and stores just tucked away in residential areas of many destinations, but they need locating. Lastly depending on the conversion rate you could use Uber and not a taxi with a typical Uber of a 10-minute journey costing around 19 Turkish Lira in Istanbul depending on traffic, this converts to approximately as low as €2.

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