A little bit of heaven on earth at the Seychelles

February 22, 2016

If you haven’t already heard of the Seychelles hotels and resorts then you’re in for a treat! The Seychelles hotels offer luxurious rooms and villas all in amazing and peaceful destinations. From privacy to relaxation, to being treated like a king and queen, the various hotels the Seychelles has to offer will surely have you wanting to stay longer. We’re proud to say that we offer and have experienced firsthand some of the spectacular hotels of the Seychelles, all which can be tailored to meet all your wants and needs. Whether you’re with family and friends, or on a romantic holiday for two, the Seychelles hotels and resorts can provide you with an amazing and romantic halal friendly getaway!

Banyan Tree Seychelles

Located on the stunning island of Mahe, the Banyan Tree Seychelles is an amazing getaway which can be considered the perfect place for those that want to relax their body, mind, and soul. Perfect for those that are looking for the ultimate halal friendly romantic holiday, the Banyan Tree Seychelles is brimming with romance, privacy, and luxury. Here you’ll get to experience villas with outstanding views of luscious rainforests and endless sceneries of the Indian Ocean, complete with your very own private pool, and a private Jacuzzi in certain villas.

Enjoy your private pool at breathtaking  view at the 'Villa by the Rock' at the Banyan Tree Seychelles

Enjoy your private pool and breathtaking views at the ‘Villa by the Rock’ at the Banyan Tree Seychelles

The white sandy beach is just a few moments’ walk away, with a water sports centre available for those that are feeling more adventurous! Other facilities are available for those that want more than just relaxing, with tennis courts and a health and fitness centre also available for guests to break some sweat. However after a tiring day of adventure or hanging out by the beach, you’ll be happy to know the exclusive Banyan Tree Spa is ready to take your aches and pains away before getting a comfortable good night’s sleep in your massive king sized bed. Halal food is also available all year round, and any other non halal dishes are stored and prepared separately. With female butlers available upon request, private pavilions with dining and living areas available for the extra room, you’ll find yourself relaxing on this beautiful island with not a worry in the world!

Enchanted Island Resort

Relaxing views from your very own private outdoor bathtub

Relaxing views from your very own private outdoor bathtub

Welcome to the Enchanted Island Resort, a paradise hideaway closer to you than you think! Set in the most spectacular Marine Park in the Seychelles, the Sainte Anne Marine Park, here you’ll enjoy beautiful sceneries, exotic scents, the warmth of the sun, and the breeze from the cool crystal clear sea. Situated on a lively, vibrant coloured island, the Enchanted Island Resort is the perfect getaway for those wanting to unwind and get away from the everyday stresses and demand of work and life. With privacy at the highest level, luxury as one of the main priorities, and the very best dining and cuisines, spa treatments, and various facilities and amenities to provide you with a perfect chilled-back relaxed holiday, the Enchanted Island Resort is a place you’ll surely not want to miss! Large spacious villas with gorgeous pools and the best quality of beds are ready to await you and your tiring legs, while the various in room features such as outdoor bathtubs and rain showers, gazebos, and own private garden are a luxurious plus! Not only will you be staying in a hidden paradise with all the privacy in the world, but you’ll have the needed luxurious features and amenities to make it extra special!

The Maia

Be prepared for the ultimate relaxation at the Maia Resort & Spa

Be prepared for the ultimate relaxation at the Maia Resort & Spa

Enjoy 30 acres of award winning gardens and views as you step onto the grounds of the luxurious Maia resort and spa situated and hidden away in the beautiful Seychelles. Offering you the perfect place to unwind and restore yourself, here you’ll experience what luxury is all about. Relax in your private villa with its own private pool as you look on to the magic of Mother Nature’s doings as your scenery will be full of life and colour, delighting senses of sight and scent with beautiful trees and herbs, fruit trees and greenery. Butler services are available depending on your choice of villa, with the option to have your meals specially catered for you, whether or not your wanted dish is on the menu. Halal dining options is also a plus at this spectacular retreat, with the usually services the Seychelles hotels are famously known for such as top of the class spa facilities and treatments, personalised services, alcohol free villas, and so much more! The Maia is definitely the place to be for those that are looking for perfect sunsets, and romantic beach walks while the oceans waves whistle in the background; so why not treat yourself to a once in a life time experience at the Maia resort and spa, and be blown away with what the Seychelles is all about?!


Spacious luxury villas perfect for family and friends!

Spacious luxury villas perfect for family and friends!

Nestled on Anse Gouvernement beach, in Praslin, Seychelles you’ll find Deckenia, a private gateway great for family holidays and trips with friends! Have the place to yourself as Deckenia consists of only 3 spacious and luxurious villa’s that allow the perfect holiday for those that want to ‘escape from the world.’ With a magnificent and breathtaking 5 bedroom villa available with its own infinity pool, and two other private villas with pools perfectly situated in ideal places on the beach, not only will you have the upmost private holiday, but you’ll also experience what it’s like to have a paradise island all to yourself! All villas offer amazing views of the ocean, while world class hospitality is at the tip of your fingers. Though you may have all the privacy you want, you’ll still have the chance to be treated like royalty as the Deckenia staffs are ready to meet your every need! With services such as spa treatments, leisure activities, golf, and endless marine and water sports just waiting to be explored, you’ll be living in luxury and at the same time having the time of your life! Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in your package deal, while an electric automatic gate is equipped to secure your surroundings, with alarm systems provided in each villa for the individuals safety. Not only will you be living like the royal family in a gorgeous private villa with luxuries beyond belief, but you’ll also have the sense of safety with the very best hi-tech security systems!

Wherever you decide to go, as long as it’s on the island of Seychelles you know for sure that you’re in for a treat! The amazing above resorts is what paradise is all about, with luxury, privacy, and the best services and facilities the main priority of these heaven like getaways. We’ve got some amazing deals on these spectacular places, so please do get in touch with us at Luxury Halal Travel so we can start planning the ultimate holiday you truly deserve!

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