5 European Unmissable Experiences on your Gap Year

March 19, 2019

Europe is bursting with incredible hidden treasures; Sights, Shops, History, Art, and adventure. Endless Opportunity. With transport links throughout Europe impressive, travel throughout is seamless and exciting. So we have selected just five surreal, Instagram worthy experiences, that you won’t regret or break the bank when planning your gap year.


1) View the Eiffel Tower from a viewing point.

Known as the city of love and romance, Paris will not disappoint, a classic halal honeymoon destination for Muslim couples. The cobbled stone streets of Montmartre to the stunning skyline and quaint streets and charming corners all ooze romance when in Paris. The Eiffel tower, there is a secret to this beautiful structure you can observe the Eiffel tower for free and if you’re savvy about it, not surrounded by queues and other tourists. 

The Galeries Lafayette, an incredible six-story department store, supplying a range of brands and products. Chaussee d’Antin-La Fayette its nearest Metro station on both Line 6 and 9. Its seventh floor enters into their rooftop gardens, the view entirely free but you could be tempted to enjoy a drink or meal while soaking up the city at its most excellent perspective. 

The Pont de Bir-Hakeim, formerly the Pont de Passy, a Bridge across the river and connects the 15th and 16th, arrondissements, merely walk along its pedestrian pathway or the Metro Line 6 which line runs 45 percent above the city, providing great view again of the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides a prominent and historical monument as well as stunning views of the river Seine. This only €1.90 per single-use ticket on the Metro, why not take the scenic route!

 One final Viewing point, I feel the most magical: Place du Troccederro, an official viewing point for the Eiffel Tower mounted upon steps which allow for a spectacular view of the monument at a distance. Steps ahead also lead down to Troceddero gardens where I found mesmerising to enjoy lunch upon with the magnificent structure in the skyline. Paris is abundant with halal friendly restaurants, few even with their own prayer facility on site, An area perfect place to start a halal trip.


2)Rent a Pedalo on Charles bridge River,Prague.

When visiting Prague, you will genuinely appreciate its rustic style: perfectly quaint cobbled roads; market filled streets and its overall community atmosphere creating a charming village scene. 

A great way to explore is to enjoy a Pedalo ride across the Vltava river underneath Charles bridge, as the majority of Prague is explored by most via foot, this gives a different perspective of the city and allows some freedom from the crowed paths and roads. 

Most Pedaloes allow for up to four people comfortably, very spacious with room for bags and bring your camera too; you’ll get some great shots from the river looking upon the city. Enjoy an hour on these pedaloes for as cheap as €10, this possibly split as far as four ways, a cheap way for some independent exploration with great views among this charming city while exercising and meeting others doing the same. 

Be sure to keep an eye on the time, so not to get charged for a further hour, most renters will ask for a form of ID they will hold on to during your ride, so to ensure you don’t set sail and never return!

While you visit Prague, you must enjoy one of their classic doughnut ice cream cones known as “chimney cakes” which originated in a  Prague café called Good Food Coffee and Bakery. Priced around €10 so slightly on the costly side, but these luxury specialties are worth every penny and leave you feeling full until the end of your trip!  Once again, easy to find halal providing restaurants that are reasonably priced too! Also an Islamic centre in the centre for performing prayers. 


 3)Walk the streets of Rome.

Just walk around the area the Vatican City, the area is truly breathtaking but likely hoarded by tourist, once seeing the Vatican its self and its surroundings, also Rome is home to ”The mosque of Rome”; largest mosque in Europe”  as well as a collection of other mosques and Islamic centres, an important visit on an Islamic holiday. Once visiting, stray away from this area then head towards the main roads consisting of many bus stops and places to eat here.

Behold the elegant architecture, buildings as if out of a painting of the city, an array of colour. Many of the back roads, like the one I captured in the photograph below, slopping down revealing many streets ahead. 

Another experience wholly free and an enjoyable way to eat with friends or family preferably than staring into busy traffic hauled streets from a restaurant perch along back roads and high points witnessing the true grace this city naturally has to offer. 


4)Snorkeling in Bol, Croatia.

Take advantage of Bol’s coastline with many beaches; some secluded and private and others more commercialised offering many water sports,  the most surreal experience offered: snorkeling.

 Whether it’s through a company, who provide you with the experience and proper equipment and accompany and guide you underwater, or purchase a set from the local shop, and enjoy exploring the depth of the oceans and delve within the sea life below. Collections you can buy from €20 which include goggles and breathing apparatus, in most gifts shops around the area as well as local newsagents.

Always be mindful of not disrupting any creatures: As I found I encountered many above and within the Adriatic sea. Bol is also a fishing town so enjoy some divine fish locally caught in its restaurants perfect for the Muslim traveller, fish being naturally halal, just confirm with owners that it is cooked separately from non-halal products.

An experience you won’t forget and will enjoy, likely more so if done independently. Have the freedom and space to explore and absorb yourself within the dramatic aquatic scene.


5)Visit The East Side Gallery, Berlin

A fundamental expression of history. The wall signified the divide between communist and capitalist during the Cold War, the wall was standing for twenty-eight years, and eventually, the wall was no longer a boarder as citizens were told they could cross when they please in 1989. Since then Berlin has become less segregated and more inclusive and culturally diverse, there again finding halal restaurants isn’t too hard. Not just formal restaurants but casual cafes and takeaways too, recommendations include Baraka a restaurant food served here is a mix of Moroccan and Egyptian cuisine, worthy of a visit.

Now the murals stand on its remains, the open air Gallery, known as The East Side Gallery. On the walk alongside the wall, you can get your passport stamped with official checkpoint Charlie ink, that was needed at that time to cross between East and West Berlin.

The artwork displayed on the remaining walls is comprised of 105 pieces produced by artists from all over the world. The Gallery now a symbol of peace between the East and the West. A creative and historical marvel that you must see.

The above experiences are perfect for you to submerge yourself into, and get to know the culture of your chosen destination. If you’re looking for more halal friendly trips for solo travellers or group tours, head over to our other website, Serendipity Tailormade, and discover a whole variety of halal holidays for the adventurous traveller. Enjoy!

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