10 Tips to get you through a long haul flight

November 5, 2015

Planning you next holiday destination can be as exciting as the holiday itself. Choosing the hotels, restaurants, places to go, and things to do can get you in the holiday spirit leaving you looking forward to the much anticipated holiday ahead. However, if your holiday destination includes a long flight with hours simply sitting on the plane, you may find yourself dreading the starting point to your relaxing break. When planning your next halal friendly destination it’s always best to consider the factors that could make your long boring flight an enjoyable part of your holiday.



First-Suite-1_Standard.jpgIf you can afford it, then why not? Many people dread flying due to the limited activities and small cramped seats that leave you rather uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting. Though different airlines have different policies and facilities, any business or first class seat will leave you more relaxed and comfortable during the long flight. Consider spending a little extra when booking your ticket, upgrade your normal economy seat to a business/first class seat and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the entire flight with the spacious seats, more private surroundings, the best food (halal cuisines and food are available upon request by most airlines) and beverages, numerous entertainment amenities, and even a shower on airline such as Etihad’s First Class bathroom!


Don’t carry too much

Packing can always be a problem when going abroad, you might not know what to bring and what to leave at home. While some people try to squeeze their whole wardrobe in their suitcase, consider leaving your carry-on bag as light and small as possible. Having less to carry onboard the plane will give you more room to spread your legs out, less things to worry and constantly check on, and easier access when getting the things you need out. Always consider packing only the necessary items you’ll need during the flight in your hand luggage; keep your personal things close and neatly packed as it’ll allow you to easily get things out when needed without having to destroy your whole bag while in the process.

Bring noise cancelling headphones or earplugs

Airplanes can be awfully noisy! Apart from the plane itself making its various noises, you’ll probably be seated and surrounded by hundreds of people that may not be so considerate off their noise level. Noise cancelling headphones and earplugs are a most if you want to relax and get some shuteye. Being able to block out the noise around you will be a big help if you want to relax and watch a movie or listen to some music; you’ll also find it much easier to sleep without the extra noise of the plane and people chatting.



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Bring Snacks

Though long flights come with meals and snacks, not everyone is always impressed with airplane food. Remember to pack a few of your favourite halal snacks to keep you company while flying above the clouds. It’s always good to make sure you have something that will keep your stomach satisfied in case the food served isn’t to your liking.

Don’t eat too much

While one may not enjoy the dishes your airline provides you with, others may be the complete opposite and love it! Along with the prepared meals and snacks you’ve brought, it’s always best to limit yourself when eating. The last thing anyone wants when on a long flight is to feel bloated or have an upset stomach. Keep your food intake balanced, keep yourself hydrated, and try walking around the plane after eating to help the food properly digest.

Bring a neck pillow & eye mask

Some people may find it a nuisance having to carry a neck pillow around with them, but that annoying bulky pillow will be a definite lifesaver if you’re going to be stuck on the plane for hours on end. Also try using an eye mask, blocking out the lights is always a major help when trying to catch some sleep. Once you’ve found the perfect sleeping position with your neck pillow, pull the eye mask down and skip through the long flight hours with a good nap.



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Bring your own entertainment

If you’re on a long flight, your seat should come with its own small TV where you can enjoy the in-flight movies, games and music. However there’s no harm in packing a good book, (or two!) your tablet or laptop filled with movies and things to do, or any other form of entertainment suitable for the flight. Make sure any gadgets you have are fully charged before boarding the flight, and have a power bank ready in case you need the extra battery.

Choose your seat in advance

Most airlines on long flights nowadays give their customers the privilege of choosing their seat, some further in advance than others. Whether it’s choosing it upon booking, or once you’ve checked in, picking out the seat you’re going to be seated in for the next hours is always a plus. If you’re more of a window person that likes the view (and something to lean on) then a window seat is best for you, however others may prefer easy access, which in that case would mean an aisle seat. If you want the extra leg space, and exit or front row seat will be the perfect place for you to stretch your legs out and relax.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

Being comfortable on a flight isn’t always down to where you’re sitting. Though you may feel hot and flustered upon entering the plane and sitting down, once you’ve been in the air for a couple of hours you’ll notice how cold it can get. Make sure you’ve dressed sensibly for the long flight, wear layers when possible, this will allow you to easily take a few items off when you’re feeling hot, but at the same time you have the option to put them back on if you start to feel cold. Loose clothing is always the best to get comfy in, men may prefer t-shirts, while women may feel most comfortable in a loose dress or comfy top.

Wear compression sock/stockings

Compression socks are a great help when sitting for hours on end with little chance of exercising your legs and feet. The socks or stockings help reduce swollen feet and ankles, leg pain, and even lessens the risk of blood-clots in the legs, and deep vein thrombosis which one can get from being seated for too long in the same position.



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