10 Christmas Holiday Destinations for everyone

November 7, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s scary to think it’s less than two months before the kids will be waking you up early to unwrap gifts. Many people prefer to enjoy a traditional Christmas at home with family and friends, and while your Christmas day will be full of love and joy, just imagine the extra fun you could have if you celebrated the special holiday season in a different country? Christmas abroad may sound like a chore for some, but when you’ve got luxurious halal friendly destinations just waiting to lure you in, flying off for Christmas not be as bad as you may think.

Christmas time is all about spending hours of bonding with the people you love, and making eventful memories which you’ll all get to cherish and remember in the years to come. While the majority of people spend Christmas at home, celebrating the special occasion abroad at least once in your life can be a life changing experience that you’ll never forget. Giving in to the not so traditional way of spending the holiday seasons is a great way to spend unlimited hours with your family as you discover and explore together.

Spending Christmas abroad doesn’t mean you have to give up the traditional ways of how you spend it, it simply means you’re spending the special day in a completely difference location. A lot of our halal friendly destinations are perfect for the Christmas season, and after having a read on below you may just be tempted to treat you and your family to the ultimate Christmas gift.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a beautiful country and is lucky to have sunny seasons almost all year round. If you and your family are looking for a different backdrop instead of the snow, and think that a sunny sandy beach might be the perfect Christmas getaway, then Barcelona may be perfect for you. Christmas is celebrated a little bit later in Spain making it the perfect opportunity for a post-Christmas holiday. Celebrated on the 6th of January, the special celebration of Epiphany which means ‘The festival of the three Magic Kings’ is a lively festival full of canons, fireworks, incredible parades of camels, giraffes and elephants, making it the perfect show for the little ones.

Aspen, Colorado

While some are looking to escape from the winter and snow, others may be looking for a whiter Christmas than their home town. If a snowy Christmas sounds like something you would love, then Aspen in Colorado is the place you want to be. Aspen is the ultimate snow haven for snow lovers with plenty of opportunities to ski down blanketed mountains. The town itself also celebrates in a festive way with a series of colourful and lively holiday events and perfectly decorated streets.


Singapore may sound like a given choice for obvious reasons, however you’ll be surprised what extra special holiday fun you and your family can enjoy when spending Christmas in Singapore. Filled with grand decorations wherever you go, Singapore is definitely a stunning Christmas holiday destination. A trip to Gardens by the Bay will offer you Christmas themed presentations that change yearly, while for those that are with the little ones, a trip to Universal Studios Singapore lets your kids enjoy countless rides and attractions with the extra special added feature of snow falling from the skies.

Hong Kong

If Christmas shopping is more you thing, and you’d rather spend all your hard earned cash hitting the shopping centre then Hong Kong is the perfect Christmas getaway for you. Hong Kong at Christmas time is any shopper’s paradise with uncountable tempting deals on the latest trends and fashion items. If you are a shopper, then visiting the streets of Tsium Sha Tsui is where you need to be.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may come as a surprise for some, especially as a Christmas holiday destination. What many people tend to notice is the small tiny island Sri Lanka is; what they fail to see is the countless activities and beautiful locations the country proudly boasts. If you want your Christmas to be just the right temperature, then Sri Lanka is a must visit. Experience a cold yet summer vibe as the cool wind breezes below the sun. Sri Lanka has so much to offer, and if you’re one for exploring and making the most of your holiday, then you want get bored with Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantation, Safari’s and National Parks, and the relaxing white beaches of Galle, Bentota and Mirissa.


Those looking for a Christmas away from the busy streets and crowds can find their perfect relaxing escape in Penang. Though the bigger cities of Malaysia celebrate Christmas in style, Penang is preferably laid back when it comes to all the holiday excitement. Though Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in Penang, locals and visitors will even out the Christmas spirit with their warm Christmas greetings and smiles. Penang has lots of must do activities and must visit locations giving you the chance to explore and enjoy the Christmas holidays in peace, but still enjoy a completely different scenery.


If you’re like many people that love to over decorate, wrap each and every window and door with fairy lights, and eat nonstop, Bangkok, Thailand is perfect for you. Bangkok will light up your Christmas with their beautifully designed decorations and never ending Christmas lights. Every street will have its own story to tell, and each hotel and shopping centre you walk by will lighten up the Christmas vibe. Bangkok is the perfect destination for the ultimate Christmas lover with decorations everywhere, cheerful and excited people roaming and celebrating in the streets, and all the food you’ll need to satisfy your Christmas cravings.

Kuala Lumpur

Another shopping haven for shopaholics, Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate shopper’s paradise during Christmas, in fact most people spend Christmas Day shopping and hunting for the best bargains. Apart from that, Kuala Lumpur also offers festival music and entertainment, lots of most try Malaysian cuisines, and all the Christmas spirit you’ll need to get you over excited on Christmas day.


If you’re a Muslim couple looking for a romantic Christmas holiday, then Seoul is calling you! The Christmas season in South Korea is celebrated all month long, however it’s a little different to what you may think. The Christmas festivities tend to be enjoyed more by young romantic couples and many lovers can be seen enjoying the month long celebration. However, despite the main focus on couples, Seoul also takes part in various Christmas traditions. Gift giving is popular with the young ones, just as decorating a Christmas tree and singing carol songs are too. Young ones enjoy their own version of Santa called Santa Haraboji, and you’ll still get to enjoy various entertaining Christmas performances on the streets.

London, Great Britain

Lastly, for those that don’t want to travel far from home, and depending where you live, visiting London for Christmas can also be a wonderful and different experience. Visiting Trafalgar Square can be a beautiful site and it’s here you’ll find a beautiful Christmas tree decorated stunningly. Each year Norway provides the famous location with a tree of over 20 meters high, and between the ages of 50 – 60 years old. The perfect Christmas city is also decorated with gorgeous lights and decorations throughout the streets and shops, while the Christmas market is also another great place to explore and find practically everything you’re looking for. If that’s not enough to keep you entertained, have a go at ice skating at one of many ice rinks, or take a ride on the famous London Eye and inhale the breathtaking Christmas spirit from way above the glittering lights.

Whether you decide to go for Christmas we’re sure it’ll be a fun and exciting one, especially when you have the chance to celebrate it with your loved ones. For more information of halal friendly destinations and the perfect Christmas getaway, get in touch with us now and we’ll happily provide you with all your holiday answers.

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