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A luxury halal friendly holiday in Africa wouldn’t be complete without staying in Tanzania. Home to pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, and beautiful creatures, Tanzania has so much more to offer than a typical holiday.

I love the people of Tanzania; they are so warm and welcoming and they really made our trip truly special

Our selection of halal friendly resorts in Tanzania offer a once in a lifetime experience where wildlife has been complemented with luxury lodging and villas. Escape into a world of your own with private beach access, crystal clear waters, private pools, and the warm and welcoming Tanzanian staff that are always ready to provide you with hospitality at its best.

Perfect for the amateur or vivid wildlife enthusiast, Tanzania is the ideal escape for Muslim honeymooners and couples looking to enjoy an adventurous yet luxurious trip. Tanzania offers the best of both worlds with daily activities and wildlife excursions, coupled with superb spa and wellness experiences. Our hand-picked resorts are halal friendly and provide delicious halal dining experiences of mouth-watering Tanzanian cuisines. With panoramic sea views, luscious greenery, and a calm and peaceful environment you can unwind, relax and simply be.

Zanzi Resort

Enjoy exclusive beach access direct from the comfort of your private pool villa when staying at the Zanzi Resort. This luxury halal getaway is the ideal romantic honeymoon for Muslim couples looking to unwind and let loose.


Baraza Resort

Designed and equipped for royalty, the Baraza Resort offers guests the ultimate halal honeymoon or romantic getaway where you'll enjoy luxury private facilities and picture perfect memories like nowhere else in the world.


White Sand Villas

The perfect getaway for all occasions, White Sand Villas Resort provide guests with private luxury villas surrounded by tropical views and the pristine sands of Peje Beach.