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Iconic and stylish are the only words to describe our latest halal travel experience to the Far East which was effortless in planning with our expert consultant

Having a halal friendly holiday meant that I was still looking for the finer things in life, and my private Maldivian pool villa was exactly what I needed


Here at Luxury Halal Travel we’re bringing the romance of voyaging to the far corners of the world to the Muslim traveller. We’ve travelled the world to bring you the most beautiful hotels and resorts whilst keeping your halal existence at the forefront of your travels. We create bespoke travel itineraries designed around your lifestyle, your loves, and the things that make you weak at the knees a little. We love to travel with a touch of panache, but willing to go off the beaten track to find those memorable places for you that will linger for many years after you return.

Our expert team have seen it, flown it, climbed it and even sailed it to bring you first-hand knowledge of each of the beautiful destinations featured. We’re your authority in travel because we know your time is precious and you need a trusted team to handle the smooth running of your next special sojourn. Our halal friendly ethos is based around our halal friendly experience award, our exclusive benchmark for hoteliers welcoming Muslim guests encompassing food preparation, levels of privacy, prayer facilities, non-alcoholic rooms and Muslim friendly activities. So close your eyes, picture yourself in a far flung abode and explore our site to begin your journey.