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Iconic and stylish are the only words to describe our latest halal travel experience to the Far East which was effortless in planning with our expert consultant

Having a halal friendly holiday meant that I was still looking for the finer things in life, and my private Maldivian pool villa was exactly what I needed


Are you ready to embark on a luxury halal trip? Offering halal holidays for all occasions, Luxury Halal Travel is the go to team for those looking for the complete halal package. At Luxury Halal Travel, we specialise in providing luxury escapades for Muslim travellers. Whether you’re looking to travel somewhere close to home, or somewhere the other side of the world, we’ve made halal travel easy for you.

Looking for a romantic honeymoon? We have a selection of destinations, hotels, and resorts to provide you with the 5 star experience you deserve. From some of the most popular and famous international brands around the globe, our carefully hand-picked selection provides you with a variety of choices. Most of our honeymoon getaways feature private pools, private gardens, direct beach access, and more. Combined with top of the class hospitality, services, and amenities, get ready to embark on a Muslim friendly holiday surrounded by luxury.

For those looking for the ultimate city break, choose from destinations such as Bangkok, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town, Tokyo, and many more. When travelling with Luxury Halal Travel we ensure safe and comfortable Muslim travel. All our selected Islamic holidays and hotels are visited, examined, and certified as halal friendly by our expert team. Ensuring our guests are able to enjoy a laid back halal trip without a worry in the world is one of our top priorities. We also partner up with the best airlines and teams abroad to bring to you the ultimate holiday package.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more extraordinary, why not choose a Muslim holiday from our special interests selection? Offering a different experience, visit breathtaking places in Sri Lanka, or opt for a holiday towards the north in Scotland. With the guidance and knowledge of our professional and experienced team members, Luxury Halal Travel has conveniently made Islamic travel easier to access for Muslim travellers around the world. Despite your wants and needs, your destination of choice, or the occasion, we can complete your next halal trip.

Over the last decade we’ve proudly combined luxury and halal holidays together to produce a variety of holidays that caters to everyone’s needs. No matter the occasion, the holiday dream, or the budget, we work closely with you and our partners worldwide to put together a luxury escape you’ll never forget. Muslim travel doesn’t have to be complicated when partnering up with the right people, and when it comes to Islamic holidays, we’re definitely the team you’ll need. At Luxury Halal Travel, we are always more than happy to go the extra mile in organising and piecing together the different elements of your holiday. Seeing our clients set off excited and return with their hearts full of memories is always a special moment for us. Knowing that we succeeded in completing your halal getaway is a big check off our goals list.

Though there were certain barriers in the past when it came to travelling to a non-Muslim destination, especially when it comes to such things as finding halal food, avoiding non-Islamic activities, or sourcing private facilities, we have worked our way around the barriers and accomplished sourcing the perfect halal friendly getaways. Muslim travel has undoubtedly increased over the years, and with more awareness being spread, we’re able to provide a larger selection of destinations, a wider variety of tours, and a broader selection of holiday packages for Muslim clients to enjoy.

At Luxury Halal Travel, our goal is to plan, execute, and provide an experience of a lifetime for our guests. Whether you’re a couple, a family, a group of friends, or a solo traveller, putting your trust in us will guaranty you a holiday you’ll never forget. With our team ready to guide you, get ready to make memories full of picture perfect moments, mesmerising views, delicious halal dining treats, and dreams of wanting to embark on another halal trip.

Halal travel may sound complicated to some, but when working with Luxury Halal Travel, we’ll show you it’s a piece of cake. Forget about the worries, and entrust us with your holiday plans, we promise we won’t fail! Our clients from all over the world have always been more than satisfied with the Islamic travel experience they enjoyed while on holiday with us, and that’s exactly what we intend to do for you! No matter where it is you want to go, or what it is you want to do, we will work together to make all your dreams and wishes come true.